Mixed Combat Rules:

Mix-Combat is a full contact combat competition that allows to use of both striking and grappling both standing and on the ground with strikes, chokes and joint locks.

The Ground:

Competition are held in the ring, octagon (the thickness of cover not less than 4 cm)
It is possible to use common ground (mats or tatami). The ground for fight must be square – 6×6 meters, red zone – 8×8 meters, protection zone (optional) – 10×10 meters.


1. Bare torso, shorts;
2. Gloves for MMA with the protection of the thumb;
3. Helmet without plastic face guard;
4. Shin and instep guard;
5. Groin guard;
6. Mouthpiece.

Allowed actions and targets:

are the same as in “Safe-Combat”

Features of Mix-Combat:

• Kicks and punches in the front, side and top of the head covered by helmet.
• Low-kicks
• Elbow strikes to the body (standing and on the ground)
• Knee strikes (on the ground only to the body)

Prohibited actions:

• Grips for the equipment (helmet, chest guard);
• Strikes forearm, shoulder, elbow to the head, inside of the glove, swinging, to the back, back of the neck, head butt, as well as any action after “Stop”;
• Use a dangerous uncontrolled throwing technique;
• Use a dangerous (to themselves) movement of the head, scratching, biting;
• Talk during the fight, except for the surrender or issues with equipment;
• Avoiding a fight;
• Rubbing face and hands with Vaseline or similar, wear a beard or moustache below the upper lip, paint face.
• Move the mouthpiece in mouth or intentionally throw it;
• Refuse to shake hands with opponent before and after fight.

In cases of intentional failure to comply the rules the referee has the right to show yellow or red card without warnings.

The duration of the fight:

2 rounds of 3 min with 60 seconds break.

Final matches 3 rounds.

Point system is the same as in «Combat Self-Defense» sections.