The World Combat and Kickboxing Organization, founded by Artyom Sahakyan and several other World Champions, is a Partnership between three generations of martial arts champions who have come together to build a World-Class Combat Organization unlike any other.

WCKO organizes events, competitions and seminars all over the world. In addition, our members get access to our network of Partner organizations, which give our fighters & member gyms access to a whole array of opportunities for competition on every continent. Together, we give our members more chances to become champions in highly-competitive arenas and pride ourselves on offering a “Fair Fight, Every Fight” and strict interpretation of rules in each division. Our member gyms can really benefit from working with WCKO and our Partners because we allow them a chance to develop their prestige and accelerate their success by producing more championship-caliber fighters.

WCKO offers every fighter in the world an opportunity to strive for and achieve more in their martial arts careers and in their lives. We stand for and promote martial arts not just as a sport, but as a way of life.

For fighters, WCKO represents the fact that any aspiring newbie or championship-caliber fighter can come and compete in a fair and evenhanded battle that will push their limits. We offer our members a path to greatness that they can achieve by being a part of our organization; not only can we help provide access to events all over the world, but for those who have what it takes, WCKO can be a launching point for a fighting career and for a successful life.

If you dream of becoming a Pro, an Amateur Champion, starting your own martial arts-based business, or just want to live your life to the fullest and be able to exemplify the lifestyle of a true martial artist, WCKO can be the missing piece of the puzzle that helps to unlock doors and give you priceless opportunities to fulfill your destiny.

WCKO Believes Each of Us Has Much More Potential
Than We Ever Achieve,

Our Mission is to Help You Change That!

WCKO feels it is our responsibility to help cultivate generations of future championship fighters. We do this not only by hosting competitions and training seminars, but also by spreading the mindset of a Global Martial Arts Community.

Our Founders see WCKO as a Partnership of people with common values; fighters, national representatives, gyms and federations from across the globe who share the mindset that we are all connected in the global community. We spread the belief that each individual and nation is better off showing strength by competing with neighbors & rivals in Combat; instead of fighting wars.

This is how WCKO lives up to its slogan, “Where Champions Are Made.”